Space activities, initially reserved for a few nations and channeled through large national space agencies, have become the target of a growing number of countries, companies and operators of all kinds. Where before there was only national prestige, security and defense considerations, high-level research and science, and the provision of some essential services, there is now the creation of an economic development zone, consideration of space infrastructure as critical, and goals such as moon or the exploitation of natural resources on celestial bodies as plausible.

Private companies that develop satellites, constellations, launchers, payloads of all kinds, applications that feed on data obtained in and from space, spaceports, commercial access to space for cargo and people, future private space stations and the identification of al least two economic zones to be developed: LEO and the Moon.

It is in this context that GSSPO was born:

Uniting the Know How of its members and the conviction of the need to have an instrument that channels the realization of space projects of various kinds.

GSSOP is, at the same time, a comprehensive services company for companies operating in the space sector, and a company focused on its own technological developments, R&D&I that contribute, from our country, to the development of a prosperous space economy. , sustainable and international.

Its founding partners have developed space projects that, although they were surprising in their day, are now shown to be pioneers ahead of their time, such as the design of a space infrastructure to welcome visitors, the participation of a Spanish team in the Google Lunar XPrize, aimed at designing and delivering a soft lander to the lunar surface, the search for suitable facilities to be used as spaceports or the struggle to have our own regulations and institutions in space matters that support our companies in their performance.

Xavier Claramunt

"Our work avoids any predetermined style and is based on exploring new forms and systems to integrate the context, functionality and needs of the client in an idea of ​​space. We believe that innovation adds value to the business image of our clients as a driver of profitability, growth and differentiation in an increasingly competitive market. Transforming ideas into efficient and high-quality buildings is our experience, based on a project methodology aimed at controlling the different scales of our projects and their budget and deadlines."

Now, the conditions of the new space ecosystem, with the establishment of the New Space coexisting with the traditional one, the existence of new regulations and organisms, the increasingly complex projects of multiple companies in the new economic zones of space development and above all, the conviction that there is no going back in the development and expansion of the human being through space, make us present this initiative designed to be one more element in the great effort that awaits us.

As a Space Projects Office, the activities we develop are classified into two large groups:

Creating their own projects related to the space field in its different fields, initially focusing on two fundamental ones:

• Creation of infrastructures and facilities that allow commercial access to the space.
• Creation of technological elements that allow operations to be carried out both in Earth orbit and in the field of lunar operations.

That they need to complement their capacities with others that, although necessary, are not within their respective organizations.


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