It is the development of private spaceports everywhere with space-related theme facilities.

Parallel to the development of space tourism and vehicles that can operate from installations that reduce the degree of complexity of maintenance and preparation of the current rockets and shuttles, Galactic Suite will establish a new generation of private spaceports around the world.

These facilities will have the entire infrastructure needed for the preparation and operating of reusable ships that permit less costly access to space.

The Galactic Suite Spaceport will be built in strategic places around the globe, which will serve as bases for the Point-to-Point flights, suborbital flights that connect intercontinental nodes in journeys of less than 2 hours and from where conventional flights in airplane or in very light jets will depart towards the final destinations. Some of these centres will be Florida, Catalonia, Dubai and Hong Kong.

The GS Spaceport will also serve as a point of departure for tourists visiting the GS Spaceresort space hotels, as well as private ships that make suborbital flights, such as the GS Suborbital, carrying passengers or cargo.

The first of these spaceports will be located in the Tropics, next to the GS Island, and will have a total surface area of 40,000 m2 and will include facilities for launching and maintaining the ships, control and training buildings (including a centrifuge, floatation tank, gymnasiums, infirmary, libraries, conference rooms, etc).

The GS Spaceport will also be complemented with space-related theme facilities, such as hotels, museums, shops, restaurants, thus becoming tourist centres where the public can also watch the launch.

The GS Spaceport will develop cutting-edge technologies to optimise access to space and to reduce the impact of these launches on the environment.

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