It is the development of a hotel under the sea, at a depth of around 50 metres.

It is conceived as a permanently occupied facility comprising 9 semi-spherical modules, with a bioinspired design, including 1 lobby module and a common space, 4 suite-modules, 1 restaurant-cocktail bar module, 1 wellness-spa module, 1 sealable module providing access to seabed and 1 installation module. It will have a total surface area of 2000 m2.

They will be permanently connected, by means of a tunnel and a service of electric cars, with the surface, from where they will also receive their supply of energy and oxygen. The modules will have artificial atmosphere and thermal control systems. They will be built as aluminium structures with large multilayered windows and will be conveyed to the site and installed there by means of crane ships and pocket submarines.

They can house a total of 8 guests and 6 employees. The interior design features vaulted and undulating spaces.

The first site selected is on the Mediterranean coast, off the municipality of Castelldefels, in Barcelona, 200 m from the coast and at a depth of 50 m on a bed of sand and rock.

The GS Seasuite will provide direct access to the seabed for scuba diving, underwater research or training in neutral floatation for a future space trip to the GS Spaceresort.

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